The Handpicked Collection of the Innovative Crowdfunding Projects

Lately the crowdfunding has become the go-to method of launching a product or a company.

We’ve grown so much used to it, that the first reaction to a friend talking about a fun project he wants to do is “Why don’t you run a crowdfunding?!”

The crowdfunding platforms nowadays are full with nice and interesting projects. Yet, it is difficult to dig those really innovative ones  among them.

We handpick the most interesting and innovative projects out there to share and support.

Staff Picks

Thinking Egg II | It’s Time To Slow Down

A useful tool to help remind us to slow down. Over 100,000 units sold to date – We’re back where it all started with 4 new elements.

MagBrother: Portable Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

Turn Your Magsafe or Qi Wireless Charger into a Magnetic Charger and Power any Apple Watch Anywhere.

Respira – The air purifying garden that takes care of itself

Respira is focused on designing healthier indoor spaces through a connection to nature and improved indoor air quality.

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Latest Projects

Airable: A wearable fan for cooler outdoor life

Slick and aerodynamically designed wearable fan. Expand your outdoor activities with Airable.

Flaüs: World’s First Eco-Friendly Electric Flosser

Hate Flossing? So did we. Flaüs makes flossing as quick & easy as brushing your teeth.

QUAQ Wireless Charging Crossbody – The Future of Streetwear

Charges itself and your mobile wirelessly! 15W Fast Charge, Water Resistant, RFID, Luxury Fashion Materials & Design, Eco-conscious &..

Dozz – The future of smart sleeping

Fall asleep faster, stop snoring & improve your deeper sleep

The Everyday Camera Line: Peter McKinnon X NOMATIC

A functional camera line that carries your camera or everyday gear.

Torshn Puzzle | Improve Brain Health and Challenge Yourself

Unique combination puzzle that tickles the mind, soothes the eye, and feels great in the hand. Solid aluminum made to last generations.

How It Works

Step 1

We Find Projects

Among thousands of crowdfunding projects we find the ones that seem to be interesting and innovative. Our team digs through the crowdfunding platforms and social media on a daily basis, not to miss anything new and interesting.

Step 2

We Research Them

Each and every campaign is thoroughly researched to make sure it is interesting, trully innvoative and creative. We make sure to share only the best projecys with our community.

Step 3

We Tell You About Them

We collect the best and most interesting projects into our newsletter and send it to you, making sure the projects are relevant and interesting especially to you.

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